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November 5th

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01. Philippe D’Aram – Bizarre Cult 2 [Finders Keepers Records, 2012 - UK]
02. Tor Lundvall – Drydock [Dais Records, 2012 - US]
03. Silent Servant – A Path Eternal [Hospital Productions, 2012 - US]
04. Raime – You Will Lift Your Frame Clear [Blackest Ever Black, 2011 - UK]
05. Rene Hell – Prize Mischief Hold [Type, 2010 - UK]
06. Kirin J Callinan – WIIW [Terrible Records, 2012 - US]
07. Dirty Beaches – God Speed [Night People, 2011 - US]
08. Collin Gorman Weiland – Discretion [NE, 2012]
09. Chris And Cosey – This Is Me [Rough Trade, 1981 - UK]
10. Six Six Seconds – Tearing Down Heaven [Downwards, 2012 - UK]
11. Pink Playground – Shes A Mask Of You [Electric Voice Records, 2012 - Canada]
12. Horrid Red – Heavy Night Of Eyes [Terrible Records, 2012 - US]
13. The Dreams – Seis Seis Seis Condor [Kill Shaman, 2011 - US]
14. White Hex – Holiday [Avant!, 2012 - Italy]
15. Moin – Elsie [Confessions, 2012 - UK]
16. Tropic Of Cancer – Wake The Night [Sleeperhold Publications, 2012 - Belgium]
17. Demdike Stare – Bardo Thodol [Modern Love, 2010 - UK]
18. Fennesz ‎– Seven Stars [Touch, 2011 - UK]
19. Operating Theatre – Eighties Rampwalk [Finders Keepers Records, 2012 - UK] [originally recorded at RTÉ in 1981 for the Dave Fanning Show on 2FM]
20. Psychic TV – The Orchids [CBS, 1983 - UK]

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2:59PM // Record Collecting Lulz: Most Expensive Discogs Items for Sept. 2012

November 4th

7:08PM // 2 notes // [prequel to] TOTALLY SUPER EXCITING FIRST POST: a close reading of modern soundtrack reissues

First, some notes on form & function.

As a recent [willful] college dropout, I’m feeling a bit understimulated in the Thinking Dept. I need something to throw big words & clever phrases at. I will mostly post essays, in the purest sense- ‘attempts’ [essayer = “to try” in French] to relate a meaty mouthful of meaning to the world at large. I’ve never been totally satisfied with my writing abilities. This is an opportunity to practice on a subject I enjoy. On that note, if you, hypothetical reader, find an aspect of my writing Really Super Annoying, feel free to bring it to my attention. Writing in a vacuum is only so useful.

My goal with this blog is to present my thoughts about record collecting- the cultural, social, aesthetic, & numerous other concerns therein. Also, to post Record Collection Porn. As a Long-Time Collector of Various Things, I am familiar with the social aspects of collecting. Admiring others’ items & showing off one’s own is half the fun. Well, maybe 30%. Here’s a full breakdown:

credit: Pictures for Sad Children

  • 20% - the fleeting rush of acquiring a new & exciting Thing
  • 30% - browsing for hours beforehand to decide which Thing[s] to acquire
  • 10% - lusting after Things owned by other Collectors of Thing
  • 20% - showing your Things to other Collectors of Thing
  • 15% - organizing, examining, & manicuring one’s Collection of Thing
  • 5% - using the Thing for its intended purpose [for example, listening to a record]

The breakdown varies with the individual’s personal cocktail of neuroses. The percentage devoted to actually enjoying the things one collects seems low, but that’s only because the collector spends so much goddamn time on all the other aspects. I try to actually listen to all the records I own, as frequently as possible. I often listen to them while engaging in other parts of the collection-process as well. The main point I’m making is that collection is a more complex & time consuming venture than one might think. Selection of an individual record can also be a complex process. Choosing a record can change the direction of one’s future collecting. Choosing one record over another can feel like a commitment to a genre/artist/etc and even a commitment to a certain style of collecting. Choosing one reissue over another [bold+italics = extra super important] will be the subject of my first proper post.

4:21PM // 7 notes // THIS TUMBLR IS NOT DEAD

…though tumblr itself seems to be well on it’s way.

i plan to restart this as a blog about record collecting & related things. for the first time in years i find myself without a metamusical outlet [radio programming, DJing, blogging, uploading, etc]. tumblr as a social interface doesn’t naturally lend itself to text-based posting, but compared to the other popular social media [instagram, pinterest, twitter, and possibly myspace [again]], i suppose it has the most to offer for an actual web-log.

i’ve returned to tumblr after losing interest ~6 months ago to find that i have lost a few followers and gained an equal number… a few years ago i would gain many per week, and lose significant numbers if i didn’t post regularly. this recent loss of dynamism speaks for itself. i don’t really know or care what people are posting anymore, and apparently ‘people’ can say the same about me. nu-goth [or whatever], witch house, & new media/netart have had their moments in the lcd-glare sun & subsequently faded. as far as i can tell. i’ve certainly not cared about them for a while. 

what most likely remains [i have not investigated my dashboard thoroughly] are the same misdirected thoughts and images of lonely teenagers, minus the patina of subcultural unity. as fractured as that subculture might have been.

so; i do not know if anyone will read this far and that’s not the point. opting out of whatever culture tumblr may or may not still have [until it sucks me in again], i will attempt to make this a site of Constant Creative Production. this is what i need, currently. productivity and motivation are at times very difficult for me. an outlet like tumblr creates a false imperative to constantly produce and think about production. one is compelled to make offerings to the public, while still conceptualizing those offerings to some degree as private musings. i hope this conceit will serve me well.

something feels wrong about an all-text post on tumblr. here is an image to alleviate the feeling of unease: a detail of the cover of Raime’s upcoming LP on Blackest Ever Black. sure to be a feature when my preordered copy arrives.

P.S. i’m sure the formatting on this is horrible. my layout needs a revamp.

August 16th


The Dominatrix Sleeps Tonight, April Skies, & Escape from New York OST!! I’m good at turning money into #records (Taken with Instagram at Record Grouch)

August 10th


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August 5th

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wait what

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July 31st


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July 30th

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